Back after long hiatus

Hey guys I’m back after a long hiatus and I will be changing the blog yet again. The new format will focus solely on how to make kpop MV outfits work for everyday life. I am taking requests. Just put what group and what song they did and I will do some of the outfits and show you where to get the gear from. If I don’t receive requests here or on Instagram (kpop_babiegyrl112291) I will post whatever ones I want to so get those requests in and start gearing up in style.



Summer is here

Hey fashionistas,

I know it has been a while since I blogged. I have been a little busy but from today on I will try to go back to blogging every week.

Anyway this blog is all about what to wear this summer. As we all know summer comes with blistering heat and for most even cuter clothes. For the ladies this week we explore the world of bralets, those little half shirts that are like bras.

This first outfit is more of a party outfit. Start the outfit with a base, the bralet and then add a pleated A-line skirt and thin belt. Finish the outfit with a bright, fun bag and a pair of black pumps to balance the outfit.

For the girls who don’t like showing that much skin this outfit is for you. Start this outfit with the bralet base and then layer your favorite button down over it for a little more coverage. Then add short in the length of your choice or even jeans. Finish this look off with your favorite high top sneakers or boots.

For my fashionistas who like to go clubbing and want to look good doing it. As always start with the base, then add a sexy, dip hem skirt. For any club goer foot comfort is important so grab your favorite pair of sandals. Top the look off with some pendant necklaces like the one in the picture and a cute bracelet to make the look. Grab your favorite clutch and hit the club in style.

For my trend setting guys out there, with summer comes shorts and for those of you who say shorts are not for me or I don’t know how to wear them I say shorts are for everyone and there are hundreds of ways to wear them but I will give you three.

This outfit is for the brave ones who aren’t afraid of patterns. Start this outfit out with a base of a patterned knee short. Add your favorite tank in whatever color you chose but make sure that it either complements the color of the shorts or the pattern on the shorts if they are neutral color. Complementing the colors is more important than matching the colors. Next, everyone needs accessories. So grab your favorite watch, sneakers and baseball cap and you are on your way to styling in shorts.

This look is more geek chic in shorts. Always start with the base and built from that. In this outfit the solid colored shorts are paired with a short sleeved oxford or button down and chucks. Now for that geek factor that makes this outfit geek chic. Add a bow tie and for those guys out there that say bow ties are stupid, pick one in a solid color or fun pattern just make sure it does not clash with your shirt or sneakers. Finally the icing on the cake for this outfit is the digital athletic watch. There you have it, stylin’ geek chic.

This is the final outfit for the guys out there who want to look good while rockin’ shorts. Start out with the base then add a solid colored t-shirt and so we don’t have any wardrobe malfunctions add a belt as well. Summer is all about relaxation and comfort so grab a pair of sneakers. For that summer sun glare, aviators are a must. Hanging with friends at the beach, no problem, grab a duffle bag and wallet and hit the beach. Top this look off with a cool watch and you are ready to go.

I hope all my fashionista followers out there find these outfits helpful and I can’t wait to see who tries them out and the stories that come with it so don’t forget to post a picture of you wearing one of this summer outfits, you may just end up in the next post as a spotlight follower.

Enjoy your summer and as always stay fierce my fashionistas,

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Color blocking

Hey fashionistas,

Let me just start by saying sorry it has been so long since the last post. I was stumped as to what this one should be about. I am actually running out of ideas to keep all of you interested.

Anyway, this blog will be all about color blocking and as promised it will show how both men and women can do it. Yes, guys I am talking to you; despite the fact that color blocking has been a popular female trend, men should not be afraid to try it out as well.

The first look is a orange skirt, any shade of orange will work but try to go bright. Don’t be afraid to be bold. Next add a hot pink silk blouse and magenta blazer. Top the look off with a bright yellow bag and a pair of color-block heels. For the shoes try to pick a color from the outfit or accessories as the main color of the shoe. Complete the look with a pair of yellow earrings.

The second look is the mod style color blocking. Start out with a pretty red or hot pink dress, layer that with a orange sweater (patterned or not, the choice is yours). Grab your favorite orange or cobalt blue pumps and a yellow clutch to accessorize the look. Top the whole look off with some large shades and bangles, then hit the streets.

Alright guys, I know you are thinking “how could I make a color block look without looking too feminine. First, I just would like to say as long as you are confident in masculinity you won’t look that feminine. Second, I would like to say anyone can color block as long as they do it right.

The first look is a casual formal look. Take a great pair of slightly fitted orange, yes orange, trousers and add a navy blue button down. If you decide to go with a pattern on the shirt like the picture, make sure that the pattern is neutral. Accessorize the look with a brown banded watch, a brown bracelet, and brown shoes. If you have a bit of a unique style you can go with a brown beaded skull bracelet like the picture.

The next look is more for the hipster or the younger set. Start with  a pair of red skinny jeans and a green t-shirt. Then to avoid that Christmas tree look add a sky blue scarf and backpack. For the colder months which we are in add a red knit beanie and in the summer a lighter knit beanie in the same color. For the cool factor grab a pair of yellow Ray-bans. As for the kicks, you can go with a where’s waldo high top sneaker or a cool pair of royal purple sneakers. You could also go with blue or yellow sneakers. For the bolder ones, you can add a pink belt to the look.

For those of you who don’t want to spend a ton of time searching for the where’s waldo high top sneaker that I mentioned, here is a website that had the closest thing:

Just remember all you fashionistas, no matter what you are wearing the best accessory is confident. Walk with you head held and the world is your runway.

Stay fierce,

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New year, new blog

It’s 2013 and I hope I find all my fashionistas happy and healthy.
With the new year comes some changes. I have had most of my posts catering to women and leaving the men out but starting with the next blog post I will be alternating between men’s fashion ad women’s fashion. I hope that with the new blog I will get some ideas from you, the reader, so that the blog will be for the readers.
As the readers you can leave questions in the comment section about an outfit you need or how to wear a piece, I will read through them and use them in the blog. I want this blog to be for the readers by the readers, all the ideas should come from you.
I look forward to hearing from all of you with your ideas and comments.

Stay fierce,

Top off this year in style

Hey fashionistas,
This is the last post for the year so I thought I would do something fun. This post will be all about how to wear a mini top hat. Most people associate top hats with Abraham Lincoln and ringmasters at a circus, not cute. These outfits put a cute spin on the top hat.
This first outfit is, in my opinion, super adorable. Start with a full strapless dress and try to had a least on element of the dress match the color of your top hat. The one used here is red and the stripes and sash on the dress match. Add a pair of ruffled ankle boots and an parasol to match the dress. Top this look of with none other then your mini top hat and head to a garden party or anywhere.

This next look is still cute but with a sultry side. Start with a floral print dress similar to the one in the picture. Add a pair of black high heel boots, a red shoulder bag and a chandelier choker. Finish the look off with the mini top hat and you are done. If you want to go bold you can add a deep colored or black lipstick and smokey eyes to this look.

The final look is for my more adventurous fashionistas out there.
Start this look off with a lace trimmed corset and skinny or hot pants to match your top hat. Finish this look off with a pair of heels and of course your top hat. Hop into to a cherry red convertible and have fun.


Well that’s it for this week. The next post will be at the beginning of next year. Let me know in the comments section below what you would like to see on the blog for next year. If you post I promise I will use it.

‘Til next year,

This is a man’s world

Hey fashion people,
Sorry about no post last week. I really struggled with this one. I don’t really dress men so this post was kind of hard. I decided to go East and West.

I have seen a lot of guys who want to be laid back but come off looking sloppy so I decided to first look is going to the ever popular slumming it.
This look starts off with a pair of sweats with or without a design. Top this look off with a tight tank in the summer and a tight t-shirt in the colder months. Leaving the house in this look add your favorite pair of kicks and shades and head out.


Now for the casual everyday or even a hangout look. Start off with a slightly fitted black tee and black pants. You can go with skinny jeans but it is all about personal taste. Grab some black sneakers and a pair of aviators. A very thin pendant necklace and a watch finishes off this look. Now you are ready to head out with the boys or hanging out with your girl.


This look is for those confident guys who want to look good in the office. The pants for this outfit can be any color of you choice. This outfit, however has a pair of pink trousers and a white button down. Add a neutral jacket and a tie, then finish the look off with a pair of dress shoes. Now go to the office and impress your boss with your fashion sense and your business sense.


Now we are going to head to the East of the big pond. For this part I chose a brand that I have seen a lot. It is called Trugen Boy ( I don’t own the right to the brand or the name).
The first look is a casual look that can even be worn to dinner with parents or out with your girl.
Pair a sweater, striped or otherwise with a pair of slacks. Finish the look off with a pair of slip-ons and a button down.


The next look is a casual Friday look. Start with white pants and a button down. Add a leather jacket and socks with sneakers. Grab a briefcase or tablet case and rock the business world.


This look is for the office, the coat is optional. This look starts off with the “classic” three piece suit. Add a crisp white button down, tie and dress shoes. If it is cold outside the fur lined hooded coat is a cool yet efficient way to keep warm.


Well everyone that’s all for today. If you want to see more looks like these let me know in the comment section.

Stay fierce,

(DISCLAIMER: I do not own Turgen Boy)

Cartoon characters can inspire

Hey out there,
I was looking for some inspiration for you guys and it hit me, why don’t I use cartoon characters as inspiration so I hope you all will comment and tell me what you think about it.

The first character is Patrick Star from Spongebob.
For this outfit, start with a pink button down and some light green shorts. Then get a lavender bow and lavender converse. Finish off the look with a brown leather backpack, flower necklace and star earrings.


Next is four outfits from four different characters all from Spongebob.
The first part is for Spongebob. To get Spongebob’s nerd chic look, you will need brown shorts and a white button down. Add some long socks and black boots. As for accessories, all you need is a red skinny tie, eyeglasses and a yellow beanie cap.
The second look is for Patrick. To get Patrick’s laid back look, grab a salmon colored/pink t-shirt, sneakers and baseball cap. Finish this look off with green shorts and a lavender belt.
The third look is for Mr. Stuffy himself Squidward. To get this look, get a long brown tee just like Squidward’s. Finish this look off with teal or light green skinny jeans, converse and a baseball cap.
The final look is for Mr. Krabs. To get the miser’s look, get a teal or sky blue tank and a white tank. Put this over a pair of lavender shorts and red sneakers. Finish this look off with a black belt.

The final look is Spongebob-esque. This look starts off with a brown school skirt and a yellow t-shirt. Then add black Mary Janes, a red tie and a collar. To add the collar you could either put a button down under the tee or buy one of those collar pieces. Personally I perfect to put a button down under the tee. Finish this look off with school girl socks.


Hope you all enjoy trying these outfits out. Don’t forget to post pictures of you trying out the looks here or looks that you thought were awesome and I will use them in one of the blogs. Next week will be for the guys.

As always, stay fierce