Top off this year in style

Hey fashionistas,
This is the last post for the year so I thought I would do something fun. This post will be all about how to wear a mini top hat. Most people associate top hats with Abraham Lincoln and ringmasters at a circus, not cute. These outfits put a cute spin on the top hat.
This first outfit is, in my opinion, super adorable. Start with a full strapless dress and try to had a least on element of the dress match the color of your top hat. The one used here is red and the stripes and sash on the dress match. Add a pair of ruffled ankle boots and an parasol to match the dress. Top this look of with none other then your mini top hat and head to a garden party or anywhere.

This next look is still cute but with a sultry side. Start with a floral print dress similar to the one in the picture. Add a pair of black high heel boots, a red shoulder bag and a chandelier choker. Finish the look off with the mini top hat and you are done. If you want to go bold you can add a deep colored or black lipstick and smokey eyes to this look.

The final look is for my more adventurous fashionistas out there.
Start this look off with a lace trimmed corset and skinny or hot pants to match your top hat. Finish this look off with a pair of heels and of course your top hat. Hop into to a cherry red convertible and have fun.


Well that’s it for this week. The next post will be at the beginning of next year. Let me know in the comments section below what you would like to see on the blog for next year. If you post I promise I will use it.

‘Til next year,


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