This is a man’s world

Hey fashion people,
Sorry about no post last week. I really struggled with this one. I don’t really dress men so this post was kind of hard. I decided to go East and West.

I have seen a lot of guys who want to be laid back but come off looking sloppy so I decided to first look is going to the ever popular slumming it.
This look starts off with a pair of sweats with or without a design. Top this look off with a tight tank in the summer and a tight t-shirt in the colder months. Leaving the house in this look add your favorite pair of kicks and shades and head out.


Now for the casual everyday or even a hangout look. Start off with a slightly fitted black tee and black pants. You can go with skinny jeans but it is all about personal taste. Grab some black sneakers and a pair of aviators. A very thin pendant necklace and a watch finishes off this look. Now you are ready to head out with the boys or hanging out with your girl.


This look is for those confident guys who want to look good in the office. The pants for this outfit can be any color of you choice. This outfit, however has a pair of pink trousers and a white button down. Add a neutral jacket and a tie, then finish the look off with a pair of dress shoes. Now go to the office and impress your boss with your fashion sense and your business sense.


Now we are going to head to the East of the big pond. For this part I chose a brand that I have seen a lot. It is called Trugen Boy ( I don’t own the right to the brand or the name).
The first look is a casual look that can even be worn to dinner with parents or out with your girl.
Pair a sweater, striped or otherwise with a pair of slacks. Finish the look off with a pair of slip-ons and a button down.


The next look is a casual Friday look. Start with white pants and a button down. Add a leather jacket and socks with sneakers. Grab a briefcase or tablet case and rock the business world.


This look is for the office, the coat is optional. This look starts off with the “classic” three piece suit. Add a crisp white button down, tie and dress shoes. If it is cold outside the fur lined hooded coat is a cool yet efficient way to keep warm.


Well everyone that’s all for today. If you want to see more looks like these let me know in the comment section.

Stay fierce,

(DISCLAIMER: I do not own Turgen Boy)


4 thoughts on “This is a man’s world

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