K-Pop Artist 2

Good Monday Morning Fashionistas,

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

This week’s k-pop artist is similar to last week, in that it is a group of girls rather than a single artist. This girls group is Girls Generation. My current favorite song by them is Gee. This song is really upbeat and makes you want to get up and dance along with them. The outfits that the girls wear in this song are just as happy and upbeat as the song itself.

The first outfit is really simple and can be worn everyday and almost anywhere. Start off with your favorite pair of khaki shorts, add a pink or other light-colored long sleeve shirt and some cute socks. Finish this sweet look off with a belt and some ankle boots or Mary Janes and you are ready to go.

The next look is a bit of an occasion type look. If you are heading to the skating rink, you could try this outfit. Grab a plain white, fitted tee and your favorite dark wash jeans. Finish this rink ready outfit with a pair of white skate and you are ready to roll. For those of you who want to wear this everyday, all you have to do is substitute the skates for a pair of white ankle boots or sneakers.

The last look is super sweet and colorful. This could make your day a little brighter. Start this look with a long sleeve gray t-shirt, add your favorite bright colored cotton shorts or shorts overalls. Throw on a long beaded necklace to match or compliment the shorts. Finish this look off with some white ruffle socks and white Mary Janes and you are ready to bright the day.

That’s all for today fashionistas.

Stay fierce,


Gee by Girls Generation

(Disclaimer: I do not own Girls Generation or the song Gee. All credit goes to SMTown, Girls Generation, TaeTiSeo)


2 thoughts on “K-Pop Artist 2

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