K-pop artist 1

Hey all you fashionistas,
I’m going to change up the blog a little bit. I’m going to show you all how some of my favorite k-pop artists outfits can be taken to the streets. The first k-pop group is 2NE1. I love these girls and all their music. These are some of the outfits from their video Clap your hands.

As you will notice the girls’ outfits are very street but girl never fear you can make it look more natural.
To recreate this outfit all you need is black sweats & black top and a camo hoodie. Complete this awesome street look with some cool black high top like Nike or Adidas. Then girls, hit the streets and strut your stuff.

This next outfit has a bit of a martial arts feel to it and it is not exactly street ready but here’s how you can make more suited for everyday.
Start out with a plain white tank and some white skinny jeans in your favorite style. Add some white high tops like the black ones. Finish off this outfit with some red suspenders or red vest. Now your are rockin’ it like 2NE1.

This last look is a little more tribal. To create this look get out your favorite camo tee and some all black “flying squirrel” pants. Finish out the look with some black combat boots or just plain black boots.

If you want to fully complete these looks with the girls makeup here are the tutorials.
Minzy: Minzy 2NE1 Clap your hands makeup
Park Bom: Park Bom 2NE1 Clap your hands makeup
Dara: Dara 2NE1 Clap your hands makeup
CL: CL 2NE1 Clap your hands makeup
All credit for posting these videos goes to elisasung on YouTube so please subscribe to her.

‘Til next time fashionistas,


2 thoughts on “K-pop artist 1

  1. Sheryll Hirz says:

    This is exactly the thing I’ve been rummaging for! Fantastic and cheers!

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