The summer was too short for our shorts

As the leaves fall off the trees, many think time to pack up all my summer clothes but don’t pack up those shorts just yet. That single item of clothing can transcend the seasons.
To bring your shorts into the fall season with you just add a pair of tights and a pair of boots or loafers, top it off with a jacket or sweater and you are ready to go.
Here is the best way I’ve found to bring your shorts out of summer and into fall.


Here’s some more inspiration to get you started.

Pair a fitted blazer, blouse, long socks and ankle boots for a tailored look. You could pair a button down with tights and ankle boots for a more casual looks. For those rocker fashionistas out there pair your shorts with a tank, a leather jacket boots, tights and a scarf.


Even celebrities are picking up on this transcending trend. Check out these shorted ladies.


Wanna make a indie look out of your shorts. Pair loafer, tights, shades, and a funky leather jacket with your best shorts and hit the town.


Do you have a more classic look? Try tweed shorts and a frilly blouse with classic loafers or sexy ankle boots.


All my pink loving fashionistas out there this is the outfit for you.

Remember just because the season changes doesn’t mean the way you dress should. Adding a few pieces of clothing can make your items last that much longer.

Stay chic fashionistas,


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