Confidence is everywhere

If you have confidence on yourself no matter what you are wearing you will look good.
While I was shopping at the mall I found a group of girls who stuck true to this statement. These three girls were dressed in the typical Loli (lolita for short) look. They were authentic and adorable. Some would ask who would leave the house in an outfit like that but as a firm believer in expressing yourself in your own way I thought these girls showed guts wearing an unconventional outfit out in public where people would criticize you about being too different.
When I talked to these girls about where they got their clothes, I found that the clothes were from Japan. I loved the fact that even though society would have looked at these girls’ outfits and wondered what they were thinking they strutted the mall in these gorgeous outfits. I included pictures so you all can see how fierce these girls were. Also is what the original look was so thar you fashionistas can compare.
With these girls as an inspiration I say to all of you forget what everyone around you says about what your fashion choice is and remember what the amazing designer Yves Saint-Laurent said “Fashions fade, style is eternal.” Remember to stay true to your personal style.
If you have a style that sets you apart from everyone else post it and I’ll check it out and I may use it for a post.

Stay fierce fashionistas,




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