“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” -CoCo Chanel

It’s slim. It’s elegant. It’s classic. It’s the ever stylish pencil skirt. Everyone can wear and they can be worn anywhere from a party to an office building.
Here is how the celebs wear it. Pair a patterned pencil skirt with a white blouse simple accessories, then polish the look off with a clutch and you are ready to hit the office red carpet style.

Got an interview to got to? These pencil skirt outfits may just get you the job of your dreams with a little help from the fierce fashionista within.

It’s party time and that classic pencil skirt can go with you.

Mall crawler listen up. Wanna look like a total diva at the mall? Check out this cool pencil skirt look.

Pencil skirts are one of the most versatile items clothing. Here are some more pictures for you to try out and don’t forget to post pictures of you trying it out.
This one is high waisted and paired with a mock turtle neck and some pointy toe pumps to create a retro look.

Looking for a funky look that shows a creative side. Try this striped pencil skirt with a colored blouse and a trench.

Fashionistas out there accessories with a pencil skirt are key like in this outfit. Add a statement necklace and some bangles to a pencil skirt and blouse, you got a fashion forward outfit.

Pencil skirt in the fall or winter, just add a sweater.


‘Til next time fashionistas,


Take it to the streets

From cute to sophisticated to styles all our own. Every area has its own unique street style. Although media determines what the fashion the time is, we as individuals determine what our style is. Take to the streets in your neighborhood and you will see that despite what media tells us what is the hottest thing is, people still determine what their style is. Look in your closet and you will find your personality but take to the streets and you see the style of the generation.

“Be faithful to your own taste because nothing you really like is ever out of style.” -Billy Baldwin, Billy Baldwin Decorates







Confidence is everywhere

If you have confidence on yourself no matter what you are wearing you will look good.
While I was shopping at the mall I found a group of girls who stuck true to this statement. These three girls were dressed in the typical Loli (lolita for short) look. They were authentic and adorable. Some would ask who would leave the house in an outfit like that but as a firm believer in expressing yourself in your own way I thought these girls showed guts wearing an unconventional outfit out in public where people would criticize you about being too different.
When I talked to these girls about where they got their clothes, I found that the clothes were from Japan. I loved the fact that even though society would have looked at these girls’ outfits and wondered what they were thinking they strutted the mall in these gorgeous outfits. I included pictures so you all can see how fierce these girls were. Also is what the original look was so thar you fashionistas can compare.
With these girls as an inspiration I say to all of you forget what everyone around you says about what your fashion choice is and remember what the amazing designer Yves Saint-Laurent said “Fashions fade, style is eternal.” Remember to stay true to your personal style.
If you have a style that sets you apart from everyone else post it and I’ll check it out and I may use it for a post.

Stay fierce fashionistas,



Hello, fashionistas


Hey all you fashionistas out there,

I am DivaD and I have a passion for fashion. I create my own looks and don’t really follow trends which I feel is the sign of a true fashionista. 

This blog will explore the fashion around us and what inspires different people to wear different things. There maybe interviews with different people who have thought out of the box with their style. I hope you all enjoy the blog and come back and check out who’s wearing what and who wore what best.


The very first post will be next week.